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5 spot

The 5 Spot in Queen Anne is diverse as a restaurant can be, hipster Seattle eatery and friendly family dining that supports philanthropic contributors. The 5 Spot has a “roaming” menu, and at the time I ate there was currently focused on the Big Easy. In fact, you were able to buy the New Orleans theme art that decorates the restaurant and the proceeds will go to help Katrina victims.

5 spot

I’ve been to the 5 Spot twice; once for dinner and once for lunch. Both times it was loud and both times my servers were a bit more focused on being hip than actually concentrating on the customers seated at their tables. The kitchen was loud, and the crowd was a mix of families, and also Seattleites who spent way too much time partying from the night before.





soup and salad

My fiance tried the soup and salad combo. The side Caesar salad, although fresh, was underdressed and not crunchy. The bean soup had a nice, savory touch to it with a little kick but nothing to worry about.

I was feeling a little more adventurous and decided to try the Shrimp Po-Boy. I once had an Oyster Po-Boy at another Seattle restaurant and spent most of the night hugging my toilet. Honestly, I wasn’t happy with this sandwich… but at least I didn’t get sick.  The Gulf shrimp would have been nice as an appetizer, but in the sandwich they seemed to find a way to constantly fall out and onto the plate. The toasted bread was too dry and I had no choice but to drown the disappointing meal in hot sauce in an attempt to salvage it.

shrimp po boy

It’s difficult to give a bad or mean review to the 5 Spot. After all, they do challenge themselves by having a changing menu and even go as far to incorporate current events into their restaurant themes. I appreciate that and commend them for their effort, but that doesn’t mean I have to like their food or their service.

I admit that I saw a lot of people enjoying plates of breakfast food, so maybe that is the foundation on which the 5 Spot has built its reputation. I plan to eventually go back and give breakfast a try. In the meantime, I’ll just have to live with the fact that the 5 Spot is a trendy Queen Anne diner where your meal might be a hit or a miss.

shrimp po boy


5 Spot in Seattle

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  1. princessofperil says:

    Breakfast is where it’s at…never cared much for the lunch or dinner there, overpriced and inconsistent.

    Try the Coastal Kitchen in Cap Hill for dinner, same owners, better chefs.

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