Frontier Room

The Frontier Room is a bit of an oddity when it comes to BBQ restaurants.  Sure, it sells some tasty high-end BBQ fixings but it also functions as a hip Bell Town bar.  If the sight of seeing young Seattle yuppie hipsters at a BBQ joint disturbs you, I share your sentiment.  A few co-workers and myself decided to go down to the Frontier Room to see if this fancy BBQ favorite could stand up to the greasy napkin, rolled-up-sleeves style restaurants. 

Beef Brisket Sandwich

Yours truly chose the Beef Brisket Sandwich, served with Snappy Coleslaw and a side of Hush Puppies.    The first thing I noticed about my Beef Brisket Sandwich was that it was not covered in a lot of BBQ sauce.  I’ve become a bit more educated in the world of BBQ and have learned that many times a pepper and vinegar sauce is used in lieu of the BBQ sauce most people are used to.  I took the liberty of dashing some of the pepper and vinegar sauce from the table on to my sandwich.

Beef Brisket Sandwich

I was pleasantly surprised by the tart flavor of the sauce which complimented the brisket.  Also, the bread was nice and thick so there was no sauce dripping through.  This must be part of the reason you can dress so nicely at the Frontier Room and not leave with stains on your shirt.  My disappointment centered on the size of the sandwich. Perhaps due to the large plate it was served on, this thing looked kind of puny and was not filling enough for me.


The Hush Puppies, on the other hand, did fill me up.  You may know Hush Puppies as Corn Fitters or simply as deep fried corn bread.  They’re served along side a ranch-like sauce and a regular order should be shared with others.  The outside of the Hush Puppies were a golden brown with a crispy crust.  The inside was a soft corn filing with red and green peppers with little bits of corn.

Hush Puppies

Beef Brisket Sandwich

I was very impressed that such a trendy bar could serve good BBQ.  When you enter the Frontier Room you get the sense that they might have been more concerned about making the restaurant trendy as opposed to concentrating on the flavor of the food.  However, the kitchen offers a well-rounded and diverse selection of BBQ.  Also worth mentioning is the Beef Brisket Specialty, Frontier Mac’n Cheese, Bacon-Wrapped Prawns and the Frontier Room Gumbo.

Frontier Room in Seattle

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