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If you’re driving down 1st Avenue in downtown Seattle and continue south you’ll eventually run into the Pig Iron Bar-B-Q.  Sure, it feels like you’re almost at SeaTac airport but you’re actually in Georgetown.  You’ll be lucky to find a seat at this hot lunch spot.  They have quite a reputation for BBQ, and the fact that they’re one of the few eating establishments among a plethora of warehouses doesn’t hurt.

Certified Angus Choice Beef Brisket with coleslaw and cornbread dressing

 When you enter this BBQ joint, you get the sense from the waitress that she wants you to hurry up and order.  While this might seem rude to some Northwestern types, I would urge you not to get offended because as soon as she takes your order she’ll be walking back with your food. 

The menu is short and to the point as is the service.  You’ve got a handful of sandwich choices, handful of platter choices and a bunch of sides to choose from.  I was in a carb free mood so I chose the Certified Angus Choice Beef Brisket.  My platter came with two sides and I ordered the coleslaw and cornbread dressing because they sounded appetizing.

  Certified Angus Choice Beef Brisket with coleslaw and cornbread dressing

Surprisingly, my food was served very neatly on a metal platter, with my sides placed securely in metal cups.  The brisket was shorter than I expected but there were about four or five long slices.  A neat thing the Pig Iron does is they don’t drench your meal in BBQ sauce.  Instead, they offer three types of sauce which are located conveniently on your table.  You can choose from Original BBQ Sauce, Chipotle BBQ Sauce and Mustard BBQ sauce. The mustard was by far my favorite. 

The brisket was a little drier than I thought it should be, however it was still quite tender and the smoky flavor was exceptional. The coleslaw was pretty standard although it, too, was tasty.  I wasn’t sure what I was getting into with the cornbread dressing simply because I had never heard of it before.  If you’re not sure what it is either than just think of cornbread stuffing or broken up pieces of cornbread.  This was also pretty good except that it sort of broke down into tiny pieces that were hard to scoop up on your fork.

 Certified Angus Choice Beef Brisket with coleslaw and cornbread dressing

Overall I didn’t find many things to complain about at Pig Iron.  While I wasn’t knocked off my feet, I was very happy with what I had there.  Just keep in mind that they are pretty much off the beaten path in terms of mainstream Seattle, so be prepared to travel somewhat on your quest for barbeque. 

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Pig Iron Bar-B-Q in Seattle

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