Dixie’s BBQ/Porter Automotive

I finally met “The Man” at Dixie’s. Even though the name of this place is Dixie’s BBQ/Porter Automotive, I’m fairly certain that no one is going to bring their car in for a tune up any time soon. Upon rolling in the parking lot I exclaimed, “Holy Cow.” Only it wasn’t “cow” it was the other thing. I knew that Dixie’s was not the typical restaurant but I was shocked to see the converted garage turned Seattle BBQ legend.520 Special (pulled pork with a hot link)There are a couple of things to keep in mind when dining at Dixie’s. First, the staff knows that their food is good and that’s why the menu is so small. Second, ask for anything that isn’t on the menu (hung up on the wall) and you’ll probably be made fun of for not reading said menu.Although there are tables inside, it’s the outdoor seating that is packed on a sunny day. I parked myself on an empty concrete table and bench and began to check out my 520 Special (pulled pork with a hot link) and pasta salad. Before I began to eat I wondered if I would be disappointed. For years I’ve heard about Dixie’s and “The Man.” I worried that it wouldn’t stand up to its deeply entrenched, Eastside reputation. pasta saladAll sandwiches are served overflowing on Hoagie rolls. I recommend grabbing a fork and eating some of the meat before attempting to pick up the enormous sandwich. As for the BBQ sauce it was good but not the best I’ve had; very tomato based, but pleasantly sweet. The pork, I must say, was fantastic. It was very tender and tasty, and although it took in some of the BBQ sauce it still had its own unique flavoring. The hot link was also a tad disappointing. I was expecting a hot link of sausage, but this reminded me more of a routine baseball stadium hotdog. I also liked the pasta salad as a side dish. It was very creamy with chunks of cheddar cheese. Although I didn’t try it myself, I heard fellow lunch goers raving about the corn bread. 520 Special (pulled pork with a hot link)What about “The Man”? I can safely and happily say that I didn’t try this legendary concoction during this visit. I have tried it a couple of times before, thanks to some “friends” who brought it home. I can honestly say it’s the spiciest hot sauce I’ve ever tried. I love hot sauces but I didn’t appreciate that “The Man” almost brought me to tears.pasta saladWhat I liked most about Dixie’s was the portions. I’ve been eating at a few BBQ restaurants lately and have been really bummed out by the size of the sandwiches. This is BBQ after all…isn’t it supposed to be messy and big? Despite some people’s belief that Dixie’s is the best BBQ joint on the planet, I will have to say it is very good, but what makes it fun and quite different is its natural quirkiness and individuality. And for me, that’s a good enough reason to stop by now and again to get some filling and reliable BBQ.

Dixie's BBQ in Bellevue

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