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If ever you find yourself hungry when in the Pike Place Market and can’t bear the crowds then allow me to suggest the Virginia Inn. Located on 1st Avenue and Virginia, odds are you’ve passed it a few times. The interior is consistent with a simple tavern-like atmosphere; long saloon style bar backed up by a row of small circle tables. The menu is just as simple, a daily quiche followed by a few sandwich and salad choices.

Daily Quiche

On this particular occasion, I sampled the daily quiche, walnuts with blue cheese served with a side house salad, the Jambon sandwich, and the Muffuletta sandwich. All sandwiches come with a side of chips, probably Tim’s Cascade I assume, unless you ask otherwise.

Muffuletta Sandwich

The size of the walnut and blue cheese quiche was surprisingly large. This daily quiche was fresh tasting although I wasn’t too pleased with the walnuts in there. I honestly wouldn’t order this quiche again because I’m just not a huge fan of walnuts and blue cheese, but if that’s your thing then go for it.

Jambon Sandwich

My two favorite sandwiches from the Virginia Inn happen to be the Jambon and the Muffuletta so I was really psyched that I got to try them both again. The Jambon consists of Italian Ham and Gruyere cheese served in between crusty French bread, its flavor enhanced by a buttery spread used on the bread.

Muffuletta Sandwich

My favorite of my favorites is the Muffuletta sandwich. Perhaps because it was created by a Sicilian I love it even more, or perhaps it’s the punch of flavor this sandwich gives you when you bite into the olive spread. The artistry in making this sandwich is to take crunchy French bread cut lengthways, spread on the Muffuletta, which is a flavorful olive mixture, and then layer on cured Italian meats. Top the sandwich off with some provolone and you’re ready for a delicious meal.

Muffuletta Sandwich

Besides the Muffuletta sandwich, the best characteristic of the Virginia Inn is the relaxed atmosphere of the place. Whether you’re going for dinner or just a couple of beers you’ll find that the servers aren’t rushing you out the door. As an added attraction, as the weather gets warmer you have the opportunity to sit outside and do some people watching.

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Virginia Inn in Seattle

2 Responses

  1. That slice of pie said, “Eat me.” When I did my taste buds were molested with egg and cheese. They were expecting banana cream. Mmmmmmm. Banana cream.

  2. LawFoodie says:

    Best quiche I have had so far in Seattle hands down is at Cafe Campagne…and best Jambon sandwich at Le Pichet. However now I will have to try the Virginia Inn, just to make sure I am being impartial…however nuts in a quiche is kind of a turnoff.

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