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I have to share something with you. I rarely take a restaurant seriously when its menu is hanging on my apartment’s doorknob. Granted, it is cheap advertising and it isn’t fair for me to pre-judge them but the whole act just seems a little sketchy. How did they even gain access to what I was told is the most secure building in Seattle? I assume, someone ordered food and the delivery guy decided to wallpaper the building with the restaurant’s menu. No matter the method, these pesky menus seem to find their way to mine, and every other apartment doorknob in Puget Sound…or so it seems.


However much I disagree with their marketing campaign, Bambino’s East Coast Pizzeria was a beacon of hope. I had just gotten home from a business trip and remembered that there was little edible food in the fridge and what was left should have been thrown out before I took off. I had no ambition to go grocery shopping and I barely had any desire to go online to get the number of a reliable delivery restaurant. The menu from Bambino’s was still lying on my counter, almost as if challenging me to take a closer look. After looking at the pictures in their menu I thought it would be worth a shot. Worst case scenario is that I’d have a bad review to write that night.


In my opinion, the pizza here isn’t really East Coast style. When I think East Coast style I think the places that come closest are Pagliacci and Piecoras. Bambino’s pizza is more similar to the style you’ll find in Italy, think Tutta Bella if you’ve ever been there. Bambino’s pizza is the kind that will get your hand a little messy with the flour that is left on the dough after being cooked in a wood burning oven. This yields a very soft pizza which may be top heavy because of the toppings.


I share one complaint about Bambino’s pizza that I recall someone else mentioned. The pizza gets kind of soggy, but I assume this mostly happens when it’s delivery versus eating it fresh at the restaurant.


I ordered a half and half… half Tropicale, half Capriosscia. The Tropicale is a cool way to say Hawaiian (Canadian bacon and pineapple) and I suppose Capricciosa is a cool way to say sausage, mushrooms and onions. Remember my comment about the soggy slices; happens to be that it was only the Tropical that suffered from it. I found the pizza to be really flavorful. The onions were very sweet and the sauce was not overly spicy. The crust even had some of the nice char flavor that comes from a wood burning oven.



I definitely like what was brought to my door but I think I’ll have to pay a visit to Bambino’s, just to be fair. So, as it turns out, I’m actually kind of grateful that somebody decided to bombard my apartment with Bambino’s menu. Maybe there’s hope for a peaceful coexistence between me and the menu-plastering-people after all.

Bambino's East Coast Pizzeria in Seattle

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  1. Will Affleck-Asch says:

    Best pizza is in Trail, BC, actually. But in Seattle, they aren’t bad at Bambino’s.

  2. Seattle Winester says:

    I haven’t had Bambino’s yet, but the photos don’t strike me as being particularly Neapolitan. Plus you said the pizza is “top heavy because of the toppings,” but when I think of Neapolitan pizzas, like Tutta Bella, I of pizzas that are light on toppings and cheese and more focused on good, thin, crust. Either way, I’ll have to give this join a shot!

  3. Food Lover says:

    I work close to Bambino’s and have been during lunch several times. The food and service has been great everytime and they get you in and out within an hour which is so important.

    Best of all about six months ago I went in and they had taken a sandwich I really liked off the menu – the server was more than happy to have the kitchen make it up for me and everyone was very friendly about my special request.

    I definitely recommend Bambino’s – it’s a cute little place as well.

  4. Julie says:

    Pizza has no taste and the manager there at the time was EXTREMELY RUDE!!! My boyfriend and I went 40 minutes out of our way to eat here b/c I had a gift card. After we ate our tasteless pizza we went to pay for our lunch with our gift card. The waitress came back and said her manager said we can’t use it b/c it’s been bought over a year ago. I looked at the card with confusion and it didnt’ state any expiration date or anything on it. There was a number on the back to call and check our balance and it stated we had $30 on it. I took it to the cash register where the manager was and was very nice and explained what was going on. Right away she was extremely rude in telling us it’s not her problem b/c they have no way of “reading” a card that is over a year old. I told her that we called the number on the back and it gave us a $30 balance. She said if there is a number to call to get the balance then we should call THEM and get our money back. I told her the number didn’t give us any options and it just gave us a balance. She didn’t care. Not only would it have been a good thing to give us a small discount since we got screwed, but not being nice about anything just lost them a customer. They not only need to learn how to make better pizza but they need to take a class on customer service.

  5. My Bambino says:

    Great Post…..

    I found your site on stumbleupon and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

    Thanks for sharing….

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